Whether you have  in-house business development department or not we will work with you on all stages of portfolio development needs, specifically:

  • Portfolio gap analysis and in-licensing strategy development
  • Developing evaluation criteria: from “must have” to “no go”
  • Search for initial prospect list
  • Screening, and evaluation based on pre-agreed criteria ( availability, profitability,  strategic fit etc )
  • Business case presentation for the final candidates
  • Project  management in the implementation stage:  coordination, negotiations, due diligence,  contracting
  • Registration
  • Commercialization strategy and launch

We use versatile resources in search for opportunities, such as commercial products databases, product and company press releases, professional partnering meetings; BIO investor meetings; scientific and medical meetings; literature and patent databases; proprietary network of top ranking company officials and decision makers; solicitation of potential partner companies.

We can offer competitive monitoring and other business intelligence activities on a retainer basis according to specified criteria.