Searching Distributor for GI Pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical product for Crohn disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

EU origin - selling successfully in Europe - USA and other markets

Registered in Russia and Ukraine

We are looking for distributors in Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the CIS countries

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Searching distributors for OTC Food supplement in Gastro

3 forms of food supplement for constipation, weight loss, GI tract discomfort , EU origin. 

The form 1 for Constipation is approved babies in European markets


Searching distributors in several European markets, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS.

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Searching distributors for Products in the Infertility segment

Infertility products for woman and men.

Clinical trials performed on 500 patients.

EU origin - sold already in the top 5 EU markets with success

Available for several countries in Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS.

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OTC Company on sale in Poland

The company promote and distribute its own brands in Poland

Revenues are well above Euro 10 Mio

The products are in different therapeutic area  but all in the OTC segment - The sales are  growing significantly on year to year basis.

It comes with a well experienced team that has a track record developing brands.

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OTC Pharmaceutical Product Divestment

Divestment of an OTC dermatology pharmaceutical product with market authorization in Russia and several other countries in the CIS. Please use the contact form to obtain more information. Thank you.

Searching distributors for dermatology products in Russia the CIS

Several EU companies are looking for a reliable partner in Russia to promote and distribute their range of patented pharmaceutical products in dermatolgy. Some of these companies are ready for private label.

If you are interested to build or complete your dermatology portfolio, please use the contact form. Thank you